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Peter and Mary's Family Tree as of July 1, 2024

Our story begins here . . .

In the Southern part of the Kingdom of Italy,

in the region of Molise,

in the Provence of Campobasso,

in the farming villages of

Santa Croce de Magliano and


Vincenzo Iacurti was born in 1866 in Santa Croce de Magliano, Italy.

He was the son of Pietro Iacurti (1810) and Emmanuela di Stefano (1824), both from Santa Croce de Magliano

Vincenzo married Maria Angelarosa (Rosa) Massaglia (1868) sometime around 1890.

Vincenzo and Maria Angelarosa (Massaglia) Iacurti

They had 4 children; Maria Emanuela, Pietro, Rosaria, Flaviano.

Each of the children got married and together, they had 32 children.

Vincenzo and Maria Angelaraosa (Rosa)'s family

Maria Emanuela Iacurti

Feb 13, 1892 - 1956

Pietro Iacurti

Dec 15, 1894 - Dec 28, 1971

Rosaria Iacurti

1902 - 2000

Flaviano Iacurti

1904 - 1948

Santa Croce de Magliano

Santa Croce De Magliano - Live

【LIVE】 Santa Croce di Magliano | SkylineWebcams

Vincenzo and Rosa's House

Immigrating to America

In 1871 Italy became one country known as the Kingdom of Italy.  During this transition period, fighting continued in the north of Italy.  And in the South, the peasant farmers could not own land, and suffered hardship, violence and starvation.


The farm laborers who immigrated quickly started to develop small family farms to replicate, in American cities, the small, close-knit towns and villages that they had left. They would rebuild communities comprised of Italian immigrants and their children,

Vincenzo travelled to America in 1905 to see his brother-in-law and to consider joining 25,000 other Italians in moving his family to America 

In 1908, Maria Emanuela joined her father in America. She was engaged to be married. Her husband ‘s name was Flaviano Ciarla. We knew him as Frank Charles.

Pietro Iacurti also joined his father in the United States on January 13, 1913 in Buffalo, N.Y. He was given the name of Peter Gurto

Vincenzo returned to Italy. Peter would soon move to Conneaut as there was work available on the railroad.


Maria Del Vechio left her home in Rippabatone, Italy with her father Criscenzo (Christy) and also emigrated to America.  Her mother and three sisters stayed behind, set to join them later.  This never happened.

Whether by design or by chance, Peter and Mary met and were married on July 7, 1917.

Life in Conneaut, Ohio

Peter bought a 4-acre block of land on Residence Street in Conneaut, Ohio. They later sub-divided the property and sold individual lots.  5 of Peter’s children built their homes on those lots or nearby.

Several other Italian families from the same region in Italy also bought land there. The land was rich and fertile, and close to the lake.

Peter and Mary bought a house on Broad Street in 1918 and had it moved to their property.


Celebrating the Baptism of Tony and Effie Gurto 1929
Peter Gurto resting on the patio

Peter planted dozens of fruit trees; cherry, pear, apple, peach, plum and apricot. He had a big vegetable garden. Mary would preserve the fruit and vegetables. 

Peter also had a huge vineyard on the property where he grew the grapes for his homemade wine. 

Over the next 60 years, 43 descendants of Peter and Mary would be born in Conneaut.

Today there are over 400 names on Peter’s and Mary’s family tree.

Peter and Mary lived in the house until 1962 when they sold it to Joe Gurto Sr.  Joe lived in the house until he passed away in 2003. His wife Lorraine continued to live there until she passed away in 1917.  Joe Gurto Jr. bought the house at that time. 

The house and part of the big property are still in the family.

The original homestead
The Italian section of Conneaut. Peter's original property is circled.

The Family Keeps Growing

The Early Years
1894 – 1950

The Baby Boomers
1950 -1976

The Reunion Years
1972 – Present

Peter died in December, 1971, Mary died 6 weeks later in February, 1972. The family decided to get together each year for a family reunion on the second Saturday of July each year – to honour the anniversary of Peter and Mary’s wedding.

The reunions have been held each year since 1972 and continue to this day.

In Memoriam

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